Whistler Downhill

The last week or so in Whistler has brought some incredible sunshine.  For several days in a row we had temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius which is pretty hot for this area.  Growing up in Australia meant I regularly saw temperatures above 40 and somehow I coped.  Now as soon it’s above 30, it seems ridiculous and I wonder how I managed to get through those hot, humid summers all those years ago.


Amidst the heat, I was still biking a bit and on Wednesday we had an awesome Phat Wednesday race to tackle.  It was just about all of a trail called Whistler Downhill which is fast and technical with a few good rock rolls, lots of roots and a couple of quick open sections.  As I have mentioned before my general goal is to finish without any nasty injuries and to stay out of last place, which I managed for a second week running.  Boom!  After the race it’s to the GLC patio for a free beer which is usually followed by several expensive beers and a chance at some draw prizes.

Red TLD ShirtFinally, after many weeks of winning nothing, I took home a pretty decent prize.  Actually it’s probably the biggest prize they give away each night, a pair of Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup forks.  Amazing.  All those toonies that I have donated to the winner of each race finally paid off.

White T-shirt MtnIt was a great afternoon and hopefully I’ll be back out there soon, I might challenge myself and try to move off the last page of the results for the race.

Black t-shirt Tweek

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