Time Lapse – The Sea to Sky Shines!

Squamish Moves under Lights

While I was down by the highway near Squamish, attempting to shoot a dazzling Mother’s Day performance by the mystical Aurora Borealis, I found myself a little bemused. An outrageous, dazzling Mother’s Day show was happening, for free, for anyone who took the time to slow down, stop and look up. It was amazing, breathtaking. So many vehicles thundered by. One man stopped, saw me at the lookout and said “What the f*&k is that?…Whoa”, and drove off as quickly as he had arrived. Chatting to people the next day I realized just how many people had missed this unusual event.

If I could give people any advice in British Columbia, or anywhere for that matter, it would be this; next time it’s a clear night step outside and look up. Look north, look south, find the milky way, find a well known star, a planet, a constellation, it doesn’t matter, just look up.

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