Tenquille Lake

Tenquille Lake.  Wow!  What a place!  It’s hard to name a favourite hike or camping spot that I have been lucky enough to do over the past few years, however this place has to be up there.  I could have spent a week up there and still would have had plenty to do.

There is a couple of ways to get into Tenquille Lake.  You can use the Hurley River FSR or come in from the Birkenhead side.  We chose the latter.  It was a fun little 4WD mission with some decent size ditches that tested out our vehicles clearances.  The beauty of 4WDing in from this side is that you minimise the time needed to hike in.  A relatively quick climb to the lake amongst the forest.

Tenquille Trek

Once you get to the lake the incredible scenery is instant.  It is breathtaking (although that could be due to my severe lack of fitness).

Through the Tenquille Tree Tops

Tenquille Lake

Tenquille arrival SGD

The hut, on the other side of the lake, is incredible.

Tenquille Hut It was rebuilt (2011) and is maintained by the Pemberton Wildlife Association on behalf of the provincial government.  I am not sure what the exact capacity is, however I would guess at least 20 people.  It has tables, benches, a stove fire, sinks, utensils, cooking equipment, you name it, it probably has it.

We stayed two nights.  On the second day it was time for a scramble into the alpine.

Hike up ridge We took pretty much all day to do this scramble/hike to the alpine and the views did not disappoint.

Alpine Gazing

Tenquille Mountain (I Think)

Tenquille Lake

Tenquille Lake Panorama

Pemby Meadows

The nights were spent by the campfire,

Tenquille Fire Play

Tenquille Campfire

amongst the trees,

Tenquille Hut & Fire Night

Tenquille Hut & Glow

and both nights we were blessed with an indescribable moon rise.  Moon rises are definitely not my specialty when it comes to photos but I tried to capture it.

Moonrise at Tenquille

Cloud Covered Moon

An incredible spot that isn’t overly difficult to get to, I recommend this place highly, especially for a multiple day/night trip.

Tenquille Lake Moonrise

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