Pemberton and Squamish in a couple of nights!

Squamish Northern Lights Panorama

After a long, very long, absence I am back.  For one reason or another I always seem to disappear from this site during the winter.  It must be something to do with driving to work in the dark and driving home from work in the dark.  It is a strange excuse really when so many of my photos are night sky attempts.

Speaking of the night sky, it’s been nothing short of mesmerizing of late.  It started with a camp at Strawberry Point just north of Pemberton, BC.  A beautiful sun-soaked afternoon transformed into a starry spectacular.

Strawberry Point Milky Way

Unfortunately I enjoyed the fire and the ciders a little too much and as a result neglected the camera for most of the night.

It seems as though lower BC is going to kick this summer off in the same mood as 2015. The sky came to life in Squamish on Saturday night with mesmerizing flashes of green and wild and crazy shooting wisps the lit up the sky.

Squamish under lights

Southern Northern Wisp

The wisp in the pictures above and below was bizarre.  I was focused north. I only looked south because the stars suddenly became vibrant.  It was then that I noticed this weird wisp in the sky.  Extending from just about the south western corner over to the south east, I dismissed it at first thinking that it was just a strange cloud.  Then it started twirling and dancing.

East Wisp

I tried to capture the whole wisp as it arced across the sky.  However, night-sky panoramas are very new to me, so you can get the idea, but the image isn’t great.

Squampton NL Wisp

Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come this summer season.

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