Wrong Turn in the Soo Valley

Soo Valley & River WM

Soo Valley

We had heard whispers of a beautiful little spot somewhere in the Soo Valley.  I spoke to a few friends, received directions and away we went.  Consequently, I realized as we drove out of cell service range was that I had neglected to listen properly and all I knew was that it was high on the hillside.  Armed with an old map and an adventurous spirit we drove up various forest service roads taking guesses at where this “Soo Valley” cabin might be.

Well, as I took guesses, Nancy told me I was a fool and we should just camp where we had found ourselves.  Eventually I began to see her point.  We had views, we had cider, we had found flat ground and a running stream.  So setting up camp probably wasn’t a bad idea.  In my stubborn way I knew that what we were looking for was just around the next corner, probably.  At last after 17 more corners, huge cross ditches, running out of road I conceded defeat and we went back to that original spot.  The only thing I knew was that we were somewhere in the Soo Valley.  And we in time for sunset.  It was glorious.  It turned out to be a beautiful evening out in the wilderness.  The sunset was spectacular,

Soo Valley Sky Fire

the milky way vibrant.

Soo Valley Milky Way Pop WM

The insects and bugs were infinite and the morning, dreary, wet and gloomy.  Also, no other people.  That is a win in my book, especially on a long weekend.

Milky Way Soo Valley

When we drove back into range and checked the map we found out that, maybe, I had driven up the wrong side of the Soo.


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  1. Hilarious but it happens so many times to so many different people. I can only guess that Nancy wasn’t impressed either!!

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