Rohr Lake

Rohr Lake was yet another of those amazing hikes that are in abundance in this incredible area.

Reflective Lake Rohr

Situated approximately 35 kilometres north east of Pemberton, it is an alternative to the far more popular Marriott Basin, which I wrote about here.  It is possible to access this area with 2WD, however a 4WD cuts about 2-3 kilometres off the start of the hike which is, in my opinion a very preferable option.

Rohrs Fall Trail

The trail-head is obvious and I believe the elevation is around 1450 metres.  Over the course of the hike the elevation gain is about 350 odd metres.  I didn’t calibrate or check my watch so I am not sure of the precise gains.

All the information we had on this hike said it was very straightforward and quick.  What that didn’t account for was the muppet leading our group stepping over several rather large branches or trunks and walking everyone up the wrong path.  In fact it wasn’t a trail and after awhile of stomping through thick scrub wishing we had machetes to hack through the forest we figured that we were probably not on the trail anymore and turned back.

We eventually found the correct and well worn and obvious path and consequently I was banned thereon from leading the charge.

Once on said correct path the going was very straightforward although not necessarily easier.  The ascent was steep and even after all the hiking I have done my packing skills are simply awful and I was, as always, carrying far too much.  I just really love my rewarding ciders at the top.

Peaks surrounding Rohr Lake

It was a pretty steep trek through the woods offering occasional glimpses of stunning peaks and glaciers.  The last slog before the lake was a near vertical scramble up a boulder field and what appeared to be a very wet muddy path and/or river.  Apparently after the ridiculous amount of rain we had had in a short period the water figured the trail was the easiest and most direct route down.  Well, it couldn’t have been more direct as we found out puffing and panting and scrambling up the hill.  Slipping and sliding, I almost felt liberated when I gave up on dry shoes and simply stomped through the puddles, mud and streams.

Eventually we stumbled over the ridge and the lake was right there, an incredible alpine bowl with a steep, visually pleasing slope on the opposite side and nice campsite and fireplace at the west end of the lake.

Rorh Lake & Peak

Naturally we went for a hike to check out the views…Well, two of us did – the two that point and shoot and hope for a decent shot or two,

Dale Shoots Rohr

the others lazily hung around the campsite consuming whatever revitalizing drinks they had lugged up the hill.  To be fair when I returned from the venture to the opposite end of the lake everything was set up and I could literally put my feet up.

Reflective Rohr Lake Campsite

I definitely want to return to this spot and summit Mount Rohr.  It looks relatively straight forward and apparently offers incredible vistas all around.

Down Rohr Lake

Sun speckled Rohr Lake

The evening was just about everything we hoped for.  Calm and still.

Rohr Reflects

It was close to a new moon so the sky was dark and the milky way vibrant…

Fireside Milky Way Rohrs

Milky Way Burns & Rohrs

I attempted a star trail while we played high-stakes Yahtzee.  It was extremely high stakes as it was a cold night, a cold lake and the loser gets the joyous experience of swimming under the light of the milky way.  I lost.  Pretty sure the others cheated. For sure they did.  It was cold.

The Stars Rohr

After the swim it was time for experimentation with the camera and practicing star photography…

Ball of Light Rohrs

Tent Rohrs under Milky Way

Which in theory, and to begin with, was a terrific idea.  Except I decided to drop my camera on the rocks, mashing the buttons and effectively destroying the LCD screen which, appropriately I think, sent me into a deep sulk.

While I sat there in a huff replaying my stupidity in my head, the sky exploded in a dazzling display of vivid colours.  It was reminiscent of our recent trip to Semaphore Lakes except perhaps even more vibrant and energetic.  Needless to say it brought me out of my sulk and I set my camera to settings I hoped would work, ran to the ridge, chose the most uncomfortable position to stand and pressed the shutter release every 16 seconds for over an hour experience a mix of emotions.  Frustration as I couldn’t set my camera to take photos at my usual intervals.  Excitement & wonder at the incredible display before our eyes.  And regret and pain at the ridiculous rock I had perched upon to take the time-lapse.

Rohr Aurora Dancing

Rohr Aurora Swan?

Anyway, fortunately it worked out to be not so bad and if you haven’t seen it already check it out below or check out my previous post on this night here

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