Night Photography Beginnings

Last night I was stumbling around the internet and I came across a Northern Lights alert that said the aurora activity was at storm level.  I thought I would duck down to the lake to have a look at what I could see and perhaps shoot something.  In Whistler we can only see the Northern Lights if they are extremely active, unfortunately for me it was a very cloudy sky.

I did take a few shots though, to get some practice shooting at night and testing out a few different exposure settings.  Photography in general is all fairly new to me, and night sky shooting is a complete puzzle so it was definitely good to try it out.  What amazed me a lot was how much light my lens was taking in.  It was a very bright moon, which was behind some clouds but apparently that didn’t matter.

Shot at roughly 140am.

Shot at roughly 1:40am in complete darkness.

When I got home I played around with the images in Photoshop and came up with a couple of rough edits.  It’s truly amazing what you can do it that program and I cannot wait until I get a clear night and an active sky.  Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long.

Night shot 3 night shot Night Sky

4 thoughts on “Night Photography Beginnings

    1. Tokina wide angle lens 11-16mm @ 14mm f/2.8 Shutter speed 30 sec. It was practically a full moon which was behind some large clouds.
      I can’t wait to get back out there and experiment some more!

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