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The view from the damn near my old home.

The view from the dam near my old house.

When I compare the terrain in Whistler and in my hometown of Scone, Australia there is quite a stark difference.  Scone Mountain peaks at 653 metres above sea level and Whistler Mountain reaches 2181 metres above sea level and it isn’t the tallest in the area.  Although I have come to love the outdoor mountain lifestyle and enjoy all the activities Whistler has to offer, Scone still has a certain nostalgia about it, its always great to come home and the views aren’t too bad either.

Tank clouds

Gully beneath CloudsOne amazing thing about my folk’s property is the birds.  There are some incredible birds in the area, such as kookaburras, cockatoos, galahs and rosellas.  I tried to shoot (with a camera) a couple of kookaburras however they wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to aim so I had to settle for this colourful little bird as it rested for a moment.

Rosella 1



The clouds can often create some amazing colours in the sky during sunset and sunrise.  I haven’t felt the need to wake up early this week so these photos are definitely of a sunset.

Yellow Clouds

Damn Sunset 2

Damn Sunset NW

Orange Clouds

Dam sunset

2 thoughts on “Home Farm

  1. Love the pictures , the colourful bird is an Eastern Rosella,I have it on good authority that they are quite prevelant in this area. Great to catch up while you were home, take care xo Di

    1. Thanks Di, I would wager that this “good authority” most likely knows a thing or two about animals in the area, so I will take his(??) word for it. Can’t wait till the next catch up, come to Canada, let me show you around Whistler.

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