Drifting, Floating, Gliding

Driftwood Bay Panorama

Driftwood Bay, a little campsite just off the In-Shuck-Ch forest service road (FSR) not too far past Pemberton.  It’s one of those brilliant spots that is incredibly easy to get to and when you wake up to views like this…

Camping with a view  …what is there to complain about?

I don’t think anyone would have trouble figuring out where this place gets its name.  Washed up ex-trees float dominate the shoreline and as you gaze across the surface of the lake timber can be seen drifting where ever the wind may be guiding it.  It was easy to get lost in thought simply staring out at this seemingly slow pace of things.  This trip followed up from our camp at Levette Lake which really emphasized the importance of slowing down and enjoying life from time to time.

Speaking of time, the very minute you pull off the FSR and into the campsite the views are upon you (as they are from Vancouver all the way up the highway and to far beyond this place) immediately.  There’s nothing better than pitching a tent amongst unbelievable scenery.

Tent with a view

The wood wasn’t the only thing that was drifting by.  The clouds were constantly changing and the evening sky created a sense of supreme tranquility.

Kayak Paddles

Driftwood Bay CloudsIt’s amazing to think just how close to the road we were, yet how quickly we forgot it was there.  The road hugs the lake for just about as far as you can see, so when darkness surrounded us our only reminder was watching headlights far, far in the distance slowly glide towards us.  Our challenge was to guess how long it would take to pass.  We nearly always estimated too quickly.

Drifting Cars Star Trail

This place, this night, this trip was an obvious reminder to me that we’re all deeply entrenched in life’s grand and constant cycle.  Round and round and round it all goes.

DB Polaris Star Trail WM

Don’t forget to enjoy the scenery along the way!

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