Chamonix, France

Aguille du midi

In January I was lucky enough to travel to Chamonix, France.  This place is simply incredible.  The terrain is about as dramatic as I have seen anywhere.  I could write an essay on why this place is amazing but I’ll save you the task of reading it and let you do your own analysis through these pictures.

Chamonix cliffs ssunset

Jagged Peak

Chamonix cliffs

Chamonix Cliffs

Chamonix Cliffs

From Grand Montet

Valley Blanche Begins

Valley at Les Houches signed

View from the Aguille signed

Across Valley From Aguile

Across Valley

Mont blanc

Orange Building & peaks

Peaks from Cham

Aguile from Town

Mont Blanc signed

Chamonix Cliffs sunset 2

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