Cat Lake Star Trail

Dock by night

Thursday was warm, although starting to cool down…a change was in the air.  We ventured south of Whistler hoping to camp at Levette Lake near Squamish.  Unfortunately it was closed.  I think there was either a grizzly bear in the area or a mother black bear with some cubs.  Either way we changed locations at the last minute and went to Cat Lake.

It’s a fantastic, well maintained campground and the water was surprisingly warm.  Since I was camping and day turned into night I figured I would change things up and see what sort of star trail I could come up with.Cat lake ST

Let me know what you think!

One thought on “Cat Lake Star Trail

  1. Love the lower shot. Cool how you have different curves on the star trails.
    Must be a scientific explanation? It is not obvious to me. 🙂

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