I am currently putting a list of hikes I have done on this page.  Stay tuned as I continue to update it.  If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!  The link to the post on each hike is in the hike’s name, if I have have done multiple trips the second link will be in brackets.

Marriott Basin

  • Hike in:  3 hours
  • Hike out:  3 hours
  • Elevation gain 430 meters (1410 ft)
  • 2WD accessible (adds 3km to hike)

Marriott Basin Valley

Rohr Lake

(Northern Lights at Rohr)

  • Hike in/out 90 mins
  • Straightforward but very steep at times
  • Elevation gain approximately 350 meters ( 1150 ft)
  • 2WD accessible (adds 3km to hike

Down Rohr Lake

Rohr Aurora Swan?

Semaphore Lakes 

(Second trip to Semaphore Lakes)

  • Hike in: 90 minutes
  • Hike out: 70 minutes
  • Elevation gain: 305 meters (1000 ft)
  • 2WD accessible (Hurley is a rough dirt road)

There are a couple of small scrambles around Semaphore Lakes.  The two major peaks which both definitely require some high scrambling abilities are Face Mountain and Locomotive Mountain.

Semaphore Little Lake ST signed

Steep Creek

Winter Steep Creek

  • Hike in: 60 minutes (A lot longer without a 4WD)
  • Hike out: 60 minutes (See above)
  • 2WD accessible

Lots of scrambles around.  Several scree slopes so be very cautious.

Steep Creek Duffey

Steep Creek Duffey Skiing

Tenquille Lake

  • Hike in: 90 minutes
  • Hike out: 75 minutes
  • 4WD necessary

An incredible hut that sits on the shores of a truly stunning lake.  Plenty of hikes and scrambles are possible from this wonderful spot.

Tenquille Lake Moonrise



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