A building or two in Paris

Paris Archi 2 signedParis is a truly incredible city in many ways, as I am sure everyone will know if they have been there.  So much old architecture still standing.  Nearly every street I walked down had an impressive building of some sort.  Of course there are the many famous ones that define the Paris cityscape.

One of my favourite buildings out there!

One of my favourite buildings out there!

What impressed me however, was that even the apartment blocks and regular buildings were incredible.  From the doors,

Blue Door signed

to the windows with their gardens,

Everyone still has a garden

to the amazing brick buildings and all the chimney stacks,

Brick building B&W signed

Brick top signed

to the practical corner buildings,

Paris A 3 signed

to the curved streets

Paris Archi1 copy

and the straight,

Ongoing Street signed

it’s hard not to love this place.


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